Motorcycle & Moped Surfboard Rack | Single-Mount

Sale price$129.99
  • For Scooters/Mopeds, Motorcycles, & Quads
  • Can Hold Shortboards & Longboards up to 8'
  • Easily Remove Arms with Quick-Release Feature
  • Included Bungee Secures Board In Place
  • Soft Rubber Protects Board
  • Never Look For Parking Again! 😉


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I have 1975 Honda XL 250. Will your single-mount system work for my bike? Thanks
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    This single-mount surf rack should seamlessly attach to your bike if it has a rear luggage rack installed.  

    The single-mount system sandwiches itself onto the luggage rack, and includes all necessary hardware.  

  • does this rack work with honda ruckus
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    Yes, it was designed with the Honda Ruckus in mind.  It should bolt seamlessly to the OEM  rack that comes with that bike.
  • Hi Epic Surf Racks, Can you please send me the link to the correct surf rack for my Suzuki DRZ400s? I would like to purchase. Thanks, Chris

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    This single-mount rack should work for that bike.  However, our dual-mount surfboard moped rack functions the same but actually offers more versatility for mounting options.  It can be found here:

  • I want something like this to carry a tall beach chair. Once you have the mount on your seat post can you easily remove and reconnect the hooks so they are only on when needed. I don't want to have to remove the seat post connector each time.

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    The hooks that are used as carriers on this rack easily remove with a simple pushpin locking mechanism.  So when you're ready to use the rack for storage the hooks simply slide in and lock within seconds, and just as easily removed when not in use.    When the hooks are uninstalled there is very little hanging off the bike.  There will be no need to install/remove the seat post connector each time. 

  • Hi, I have a Yamaha SR 400 with a small rack on the back. There's no rack on the front. Would the dual-mount rack work on that bike? I mean, if I can't find a place to put it on the front I could just mount both bars to the rear rack, right? Or would it be better to go for the single-mount moped rack? I'll be transporting boards of 6'6" up to about 7'6" but it's possible I'll throw a 9' log on there once in a while.

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    Great question!  

    The dual-mount version of that Surfboard Moped rack should work great for that rear rack, and in most cases will work better than the single-mount version for what you're using it for, as you can spread the mount points out further across the rack. 

    The more you can get the mount points spread out the more stable the transported board will be.  This is especially true for that 7'6" and more so for the 9' log.  The front rack isn't necessarily required but is obviously a plus when transporting the bigger boards.  

  • I have a 2005 Honda shadow will this work?

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    This Surfboard Moped Rack should work on that bike as long as you have a luggage rack to mount it too.  It's a flat-plate clamping system so mounting to a luggage rack is a breeze, and takes only minutes. 

  • Will this fit on a Yamaha fz6r?

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    Yes, it will.  However, you'll need an optional luggage rack properly install the surfboard rack.  

    I just checked online and it looks like there are several options for that model Yamaha. 

    Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Will the moped rack hold a 9'2" longboard?

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    This moped rack is meant to hold boards up to 10' but since you're putting it on a motorized scooter I personally don't recommend it.  If you really want the safest option availble it would be the SUP & Surfboard Moped Rack here:

    This rack is designed with 2 separate anchor points which provide far better structural integrity in terms of mounting a longer board to the bike.   When going down the street the single anchor point type (the one you're questioning) may have a tendency for the board to sway, especially in windy situations.  That's why I don't personally recommend it for longboards.  From my personal experience and the experience of our customers the dual anchor point system is the way to go with a longer board on a motorized bike!   However, it's your call and if you're just going down the street and maybe keeping it at a very slow speed you'll probably be fine.  Let us know if you have any other questions!  Our direct email is


  • Can this fit on an 03' Honda Rebel 250?

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    Yes, this surfboard moped rack should work fine if you can attach it to the vehicle's luggage rack.  If it doesn't have a luggage rack you might have to add this into the equation. 

  • Hi All. How thick of a surfboard can this fit? Product code BR3. Thanks!

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    This Surfboard Moped Rack (BR3) can accommodate boards up to 3.5" in thickness (at the tightest point of the 'u-shaped' bars.)  

    If you're looking to hold larger boards (i.e. Stand Up Paddle Boards) or surf boards that are thicker we have a SUP Moped Rack that can be found here: SUP Moped Rack - For Stand Up Paddle Boards & Surfboards

    This rack has attachments for both SUP boards as well as a separate attachment for Surfboards, or similarly sized equipment   What's great about this rack is that it has attachments for use with a custom bungie, to better accommodate your personal setup.

    Feel free to reach us directly if you have any other questions!    888-964-6646 or

  • Would this work for a 2001 Kawasaki ZR750?

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    Yes, it should fit fine, as long as you have the optional luggage rack installed. 

  • Could I mount it to a Suzuki drz400sm?

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    Yes, if you have a luggage rack on the back that should work. 

  • Is it legal to ride with this in California? Love the idea by the way.

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    This is one of the most popular racks for transporting surfboards.  That being said please check with your local and state laws prior to using.  

  • How wide are the two plates? I have tie down pins on my motorcycle rack so they would need to fit between them. Thanks

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    They are roughly 6" wide by 10" deep.  

  • Can this hold body boards?

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    Yes It can.  The arms are adjustable, to accommodate longer and shorter boards. 

  • Would this work on a 2010 Honda NT700V with a top mounted trunk?

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    You might be able to mount it, just depends if that trunk will allow both pieces mounted to the frame.  

  • Would this be valid for a 2012 gs650 sertao?

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    Yes if it has a luggage rack you can mount it to. 

  • Ok are you advertising for a motorcycle and a rack or just the rack?

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    This product is just a Surfboard Rack for Mopeds.  Moped / Motorcycle is not included.

  • Will this rack work for a Yamaha vino 50cc ?


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    It will, if you have the optional rear luggage rack for that scooter.  

    This surf rack has a universal 'clamp on' mounting system that mounts to most luggage racks, for scooters, moped, and motorcycles.  

  • Are your prices in US$ or AUD$

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    All of our prices are in US $ Dollars.

  • Can this be used on a Harley Davidson?

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    Yes this can be used with a Harley Davidson, as long as there is some sort of mounting rack on the back of the bike that this system can attach to.  Please call us if you need any further clarificadtion at 888-964-6646.

  • For a current model Ducati Hypermotard SP do I need to first purchase the Ducati rear luggage rack? Thanks, James

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    This rack has a universal mounting sytems which is two plates that essentially sandwhich together.  This particular bike looks like it has a black fender which hangs out the back of the bike, and also functions as a light/signal mount. This will not be suitable to mount the surf rack.  I would suggest getting the luggage rack for your bike.

  • Hey, do you have a European distributor? I'm about to travel to Spain/Portugal/France and will be looking to buy a bike, on which I'd like to be able to carry a board.

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    We don't currently have a European distributor.  However, we can ship these pretty much anywhere internationally.  Please email to obtain a shipping quote.

  • Do you freight these surf racks to Sydney Australia. If so what ere the costs. They are to be attached to a Honda CR 250

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    Yes we do.  How please let us know how many you need, and  send your full ship address to, so we can get an accurate price.

  • Hi, What are the dimension of the two clamping plates? length x width? Cheers

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    The length of the top mounting plate is 9.5" (not including tube mounts) x 6.25" wide.   

    The lower mount plate is vinyl dipped and measured just below the above.  Hope this helps!

  • Can this be used on a honda CX500

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    This rack can be mounted on most motorized bikes, as long as there is an existing accessory rack or 'clampable' subframe.  The unit mounts like a sandwich, with 2 flat plates essentially clamping on.  

    Please let me know if you have any other questions, or need clarification.

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Great customer service


package delivered fairly quickly

Brad Dougherty

Great product.


Has worked great riding down 101! Easy to assemble and well made.

Boris E.

This might actually work :-) Thanks for your help!

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