SUP Grassy 3 Board (Stand Up Paddle / Longboard version)

Sale price$1,299.00
Hand-Made in America

Wood Finish: Sanded (Indoor Only)

  • Larger Size for SUP
  • Has 12" of Space Between Dowels
  • High Quality Foam
  • Bungie Setup Included
  • 60" H x 40" W x 25" D


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • hi quick question, the grassy rack, does it have foam underneath for protection? as far as protection which one is softer, grassy rack or foam rack?

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    Great question.  To answer you directly the Grassy does not have any additional foam padding underneath.   

    Comparatively, the Grassy is pretty much in alignment with the Foamy in terms of their "softness" factor for protection. 

    That being said if I were a surfboard I would probably choose the foam as it just feels better.   

    Really though they both offer more than adequate protection for surfboards.  

  • Are these for outdoor use or indoor only?
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    We've just updated the website so you can now select an indoor version (which is a sanded-wood finish) or upgrade to the outdoor-friendly version (Hi-Gloss finish.)  


    The outdoor version has an outdoor-friendly clear coat that helps wick away moisture, expands and contracts with temperature variances, and also includes a UV-inhibitor which protects the color of the wood.   


    Either version can be selected on the product page with the simple toggle. 


  • Hi is it possible to dismantle the rack?

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    Yes, this rack usually ships flat-packed, with a simple assembly process that includes color-coded stickers.   So it makes it easy if you need to ever disassemble and move at a later point.

  • Hello, I have a 10"4" SUP and 3 shortboards, would they all fit on thee comfortably?

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    This rack is meant to hold 3 boards.  However, depending on how you put the boards in + the size of the fins of the shortboards it might be fine.  

    We could also do a custom setup for you, by just adding one more dowel in a slot, for that third shortboard.   Let us know if you have any other questions! 

  • I actually have 3 SUP boards that are 14' long and 30" wide. Lakeshore is the manufacturer. Easier to get our dogs on these. So wold your rack work for me? I would anticipate possibly getting a couple more in the future, so 3 would be good but a 5-place may be better. Also have 2 kayaks that I would like to store vertically in my garage. Do you ever make racks for a combination of boards and kayaks? Lots of questions, sorry. Let me know. Thanks
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    Yes this rack should work for your boards.  However by default it's not meant to be stored outdoors (we'd have to do a custom clear coat, as it comes w just a sanded wood finish).  

    We also have an alternate Horizontal SUP rack that is outdoor friendly and is super popular here:

    If you would like to save money you can always get an SUP wall mount to store the boards vertically found here:


    To answer your question regarding storing kayaks:  that would require a separate rack.  The kayak rack can be found here (it will be back in stock next week, or the following week at the latest. If you order now we will ship once it arrives):  Kayak, SUP and Canoe Log Rack | Fits 2 or 3 Boats



  • Are your prices in US$ or AUD$

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    All of our prices are in US $ Dollars.

  • Does the woody surf rack come assembled and/or what does it require to be assembled?

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    When we ship this rack it comes flat-packed.  It has a simple assembly, broken down into 6 steps, with color coded stickers.  It should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to put together.  All that is needed is a Phillips-head screwdriver. A drill is suggested, but not needed.

    If the rack is purchased and picked up using the 'Local Pickup' option used at checkout then the rack will come fully assembled.

  • HI The picture shows four places -- are you sure it only holds three boards? Thanks

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    Sorry for the confusion.  Yes the picture shows 5 slots for boards, but the actual product holds 3 full size SUPs with fins.  


    However, we can make a custom version if you need, for 4 or more boards.  The custom order form can be found here.

  • Can you make one of these for 8 boards?

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    Yes we can.  It would be a custom build, but can easily do it for you.  Please email for details.

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