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black super-73 e-bike holding light blue longboard using surfboard rack with white backgroundE-bike Surfboard Rack -Dual-C Clamp Model shown with a young man on the North Shore of Oahu, holding a red board.
E-Bike Board Rack | Shortboard - Longboard - SUP
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Single-Mount surfboard bike rack shown on the beach attached to an orange beach cruiser.  A man in a wetsuit is behind the bicycle and is smiling. Close up image of the Surfboard Bike Rack | Single-Mount.  The image focuses on how the rack is attached to the vertical seat-post of a bicycle.  There are two arms that come off the rack to hold a surfboard.
Surfboard Bike Rack | Single-Mount
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Epic Racks Dual Mount Bike surfboard & longboard Rack shown mounted to a blue beach cruiser.  The image is on a white background.Longboard bike rack shown in action on the middle of the street while a girl rides the bike.  There are palm trees in the background.
Longboard Bike Rack | Dual-Mount
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SUP Bike rack| Dual-Mount shown being used by a woman at the beach. She is checking the surf while her Stand Up Paddle Board is mounted to her white beach cruiser. There is a pier in the background.Blue beach cruiser showing the Dual-Mount SUP Bike rack showing the watercraft attachment for an SUP board. All on a white background.
Lower SUP Arms shown with a grey concrete background.  The aluminum pipe is covered in a durable rubber padding to protect the board.Overhead picture of the optional SUP arms shown next to the standard arms for a size comparison. Text at the bottom of the image reads 2 bar sets available: 4 inche gap & 6 inch gap (SUP)

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