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Picture of the SUP soft rack with a white Stand Up Paddle Board mounted to the roof of a white car. A diagram showing how the Soft Racks | SUP Rack | Stand Up Paddle Board attaches to the vehicle.  The Big loops goes through the inside of the automobile, while the small loop wraps around the stand up paddle board.
Premium tie down straps for surfboards, luggage, kayaks, SUP and more. Black straps with Green protective silicone encased buckle.  All Stainless steel components Tie down straps for surfboards for SUP Stand Up Paddle boards. Has green silicone buckle to provide no-scratch experience for car or automotive
Premium Tie-Down Straps (15')
Sale price$24.99
Tailgate Rax shown mounted to the back of a red pickup truck's tailgate.  The rack has a surfboard mounted in a board bag. Tailgate Rax front view showing how the rack is set up with it's strap system.  The rack is black, and the image is on a white background.
Tailgate Rax
Sale price$33.00
Close up artistic back-lit shot of the suction mounted roof rack holding a white surfboard on a vehicles roof.  The lighting and mood of the image is warm and golden. Universal suction mount kit shown on a white background. The roof is black, and has black suction cups.  The word Seasucker is written on white over the middle of the rack.
THULE Lockable Tie Down Straps shown a top-down view showing the lockable latches and the high quality materials used.  The rack is black.  The background of the image is white. Detail shot of the THULE lockable tie down straps, showing the durable locking mechanism that keep the metal reinforced straps locked secure.
THULE Lockable Tie Down Straps
Sale priceFrom $79.95

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