Picture of a man bent down on the ground in a dark room.  He looks to be deeply focused on the wooden surf rack he is sanding with a power sander in his hand.
Formed in San Diego in 2009, our team has a passion for design, building, and the ocean. We saw a need that was not being fulfilled and took our love of quality product design, and fused it with our obsession with the outdoors.  We came up with what we could find as the best in storage & transportation for the outdoor enthusiast. We have a focus on the needs of the core surfer, but also have options for everyone else.


We have always been hunting for the perfect waves and the best experiences. So we sought out to find and design the best gear that would keep us organized and ready for that adventure.
Man in a wetsuit who is riding a green wave.  The wave is several feet over his head.  There is a flock of birds flying overhead off in the distance.
Girl riding down the street on a bike with a surfboard attached to the right side using a surfboard bicycle rack.  There are several palm trees overhead, and in the distance.  The image is somewhat blurry suggesting the girl is going fast.
We want to keep you going on the adventure stress free.
We mean business:
We surf almost every day, and being in the mix we know what works and what doesn't. Our focus is simple: Quality.
Young man with brown overalls leaning on a large chop-saw and facing the camera with a serious face.  He is holding a yellow drill in his other hand, and has a logo on his chest that reads Epic Surf Racks
Girl on a bike wearing shorts. There is a white Pyzel surfboard attached to the right side of the bike.  It looks to be a nice sunset off in the background.  She is standing next to a brown wooden fence.
Two men are out surfing.  One man is surfing a large wave, while the other is watching him from the side.  There is a commercial fishing boat in the distance.
Man on a red beach cruiser bicycle with a surfboard attached to the side of the bike using a surf rack.  There is also a white freestanding surfboard rack to his left that is holding several surfboards.  There are dark green palm bushes in the background.
Man in a wetsuit making an aggressive turn while surfing a wave.  There looks to be a bunch of spray coming off the surfboard.
Man wearing a hat and headphones shown sanding a white freestanding surfboard rack by hand.  There is a brown wall in the background.
Orange and yellow sunset shown with the silouettes of several palm trees in the foreground.  A large white Epic Surf Racks logo is shown as an overlay of the sunset.