Locking Surfboard Roof Rack

Sale price$220.00

Mounting Options: Cross-Bar Mount (w Black Strip)

  • Easily Load & Unload Surfboards
  • Locks Boards to Existing Roof Rack
  • Locks with a Patented System
  • High Quality Rubber Protects Boards
  • Mounts to Most Roof Racks
  • For Surfboards & Some Longboards
  • Easily Adjusts for Different Sizes


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  • Hello! Regarding the locking surf rack, what comes with the purchase? Looking at the pictures it is difficult to discern. We potentially transport up to three boards at once (one 8’ foam board and two 6’ fiberglass boards) and I am trying to determine what we would need to purchase. Thank you.
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    With the purchase of 1 unit of the locking surfboard roof racks a pair of 2 lockable roof racks are provided.  These are capable of holding up to 2 surfboards at a time each.  In addition to the actual roof racks (with removable arms) each unit comes with the necessary mounting hardware for channel-based roof racks (ones that have gutters.  In other words the roof racks that have rubber strips running down the middle.)
    If your vehicle's roof racks do not have gutters you'll likely need the option with the universal mount adapters.

    For your setups and the desired number of boards you're looking to transport we'd recommend going with 2 units (i.e. 2 pairs.)  This will provide the capacity to hold 1-4 boards.  

    When not in use you can simply remove the arms of the unused racks.  
    So if you decide to take just 2 boards down to the beach you'll be all set.

  • Are your prices in US$ or AUD$

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    All of our prices are in US $ Dollars.

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Ted P

Great product, shipped quick, looking forward to my next trip to the beach!

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