Surfboard Moped Rack | Dual-Mount | Holds Longboards

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Add SUP arms?: No

  • Dual-Mount System Keeps Longer Boards Stable
  • For Scooters/Mopeds, Motorcycles, & Quads
  • Soft Rubber Protects Your Board
  • Has Holes to Secure a Bungie (sold separately)
  • Easily Remove Arms with Quick-Release Feature
  • Safely Transports Both Longboards & Shortboards!
  • Never Look For Parking Again! 😉


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Headed to costa and looking for solution to carry 2 boards on a bike. One long board and 1 7 foot. Would this support 2 boards if using the sup version with the bigger gap or would i rewuire 1 rack on either side. Also does wxhaist pipe heat damage these at all (melt)
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    Adding the optional SUP arms on this surfboard moped & motorcycle rack enables you to be able to carry 2 surfboards.
    However, please take into consideration that the inside gap of the SUP arms is 6".  So depending on the thickness of those surfboards in question as well as each board's entry and exit rockers can largely play as factors.   

    One way to judge compatibility is to align where you would install each mounting tube on the bike, then align these areas with where the estimated contact points of the boards are. 
    Then measure the gap (top and bottom) of the boards while they're stacked to see if they would fit within that 6" limitation. 

    For your alternative mounting approach: We have heard of customers using 2 racks installed - one on each side successfully, but can't recommend it personally as we've never tried.
    There is also the increased safety concerns with being locked in and surrounded with two boards that should be taken into consideration, and factor where this setup is planned to be used. We've been to Costa Rica a couple of times and mostly it's pretty chill dirt roads that get you to the surf, but there are also heavily trafficked areas that should be of concern also.  

    As for exhaust pipe heat damage we haven't heard of any issues pertaining to these, but we do recommend using your best judgement and also try to install the surf rack on the opposite side of the exhaust pipe if possible.

  • I want something like this to carry a tall beach chair. Once you have the mount on your seat post can you easily remove and reconnect the hooks so they are only on when needed. I don't want to have to remove the seat post connector each time.

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    The hooks that are used as carriers on this rack easily remove with a simple pushpin locking mechanism.  So when you're ready to use the rack for storage the hooks simply slide in and lock within seconds, and just as easily removed when not in use.    When the hooks are uninstalled there is very little hanging off the bike.  There will be no need to install/remove the seat post connector each time. 

  • Hey Guys, Do I need 2 at $119 for one board or is that the price for one complete rack for a board? Thanks, Garry

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    The purchase price of this rack is for a full set that will hold 1 surfboard. 

  • I have a Badfish IRS (inflatable river surfer) it is 5” thick and 33” wide, will this mount work? Riding a Yamaha Zuma 125 for shuttles to the river.

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    For that board I would go with the SUP version of the rack instead:

    This rack has larger arms that would be more suitable for the thicker board you want to use.   

    As for mounting options as long as you have a luggage rack (preferably front & rear) you should be good to go.  Let us know if you have any other questions

  • Can you please send me information and pictures on the attachment points? I would like to order this ASAP but need to know if they will fit on my motorcycle first. Thank you.
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    There is a picture of them in the photo catalog at the top of the page Here.

    They are traditional C-clamps that lock around any round tube.  

  • Hi, I have a Yamaha SR 400 with a small rack on the back. There's no rack on the front. Would the dual-mount rack work on that bike? I mean, if I can't find a place to put it on the front I could just mount both bars to the rear rack, right? Or would it be better to go for the single-mount moped rack? I'll be transporting boards of 6'6" up to about 7'6" but it's possible I'll throw a 9' log on there once in a while.

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    Great question!  

    The dual-mount version of that Surfboard Moped rack should work great for that rear rack, and in most cases will work better than the single-mount version for what you're using it for, as you can spread the mount points out further across the rack. 

    The more you can get the mount points spread out the more stable the transported board will be.  This is especially true for that 7'6" and more so for the 9' log.  The front rack isn't necessarily required but is obviously a plus when transporting the bigger boards.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jason Christian
So far so good

I haven’t taken a ride with these racks yet but the stability and ease of install wins in my book.


Great service, excellent product, great material

James Hardy

Check out BoardandMotor. com I actually featured it for a custom rack. Post and site are new and need some editing but it came out great! The rack system worked out great!


Driving from Glendale to Venice beach with a 7’4” this rack is flawless! Driving at the “recommended speed” and its a stable as not having a board on my bike. Doesn’t affect my lean on tight turns either. This rack is perfect.

Craig F

Working out well. Thanks.

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