The Steel Single Rack

Sale price$199.00
  • High Quality Construction
  • Rubber Protection Included
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Gloss Powder-coat
  • Great Display in Retail & Trade shows
  • Perfect centerpiece in the Home
  • Made of Steel
  • NOT for SUP


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will the stand work on a 7'4" 2 3/4' thick fun board?

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    This single rack will accommodate surfboards up to 10' in length.  So it is fine for a fun board.    


    What this rack will not work for is Stand Up Paddle SUP boards. 

  • this is kind of what we're looking for. it was our son's first board and we made a mosaic. can you give me an idea how far the two black stability supports (upper third of board) grip around the rail? we have about 1 1/2 inches to play with. also, how wide is the gap on the side supports? will it hold a thick board as well as thin? thanks

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    This single standing board rack is designed to hold most surfboards, in a variety of sizes, whether they are thin or thicker.  The board rack itself is roughly 17" in width and bends to accommodate the various thicknesses of the tail.  

    This surfboard rack should work well for you as it should support your Son's board as a display piece, and has a minimalist design so it won't detract from the mosaic artwork.  

  • Hello. I have a 6' x 21"w board that I want to display vertically. Will the Steel Single Rack work for my board? I've struck out with another display option, so I'd like to make sure before proceeding. Thank you!

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    If the board is a surfboard it should work perfectly.  However, if it's a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) then it will not work.  

  • I have a 23" wide, 9 ft board. Those are wider dimensions that most longboards. Will the board fit in here? Are the clamps that hold the board in place adjustable, to fit a variety of widths.

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    As long as it's a surfboard, and not an SUP it should be fine.   The parts that actually "grab on" to the board do adjust to various widths.  

  • Will the "The Steel Single Rack" hold a 9'6" (114") redwood/balsa long board approximately 75 lbs.?

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    Yes it should. 

  • Will this rack support a 10 ft 6 inch paddle board. And is it ok for inside use

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    This is meant for Surfboards, not SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards), it is fine for indoor use. 

  • Are your prices in US$ or AUD$

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    All of our prices are in US $ Dollars.

  • Hello What are the dimensions of this rack?

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    The dimensions are 15" wide x 19.5" deep x 24" high.

  • Can this fit a 9'4 mal?

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    This surfboard rack is meant to hold surfboards & longboards up to 10'(ft).  So you should be good to go.

    This rack is not meant for storing SUP Stand Up Paddleboards. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jennifer C.

I bought this stand to display the secondary trophy during the award ceremony for San Diego's PGA TOUR event, the Farmers Insurance Open. The stand has a solid, sturdy design that was great to show off the board - just what I was looking for!


The epic surf rack is a great product. It holds my long board firmly and perfectly straight. It's great for displaying a board that is a work of art like mine. I would recommend it for anyone who needs a vertical stand. Thanks!

Robert Pech

This a photo of a 7’10” board on a epic rack
It was shaped by our son that passed away
In 2013. The rack performs as advertised-
it displays a very special memory.

Marisol M

The rack worked perfect. We designed a display booth for the company and are using a longboard as a prop so attendees can take a picture with the board in front of the display. We’ve tested the stability, and seems like it’s going to work. I am not sure if it was you I spoke to twice, but I wanted to thank you and your staff for being so attentive to my questions.

Amy M

We just received the surfboard rack - it looks great!

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