SUP Moped Rack - For Stand Up Paddle Boards & Surfboards

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  • For Scooters/Mopeds, Motorcycles, & Quads
  • 2 Arm Sets Included: For SUP's and Surfboards
  • For SUP Boards, Longboards, and Shortboards
  • Transports 2x Shortboards using SUP Arms!
  • Soft Rubber Protects Board
  • Has Holes to Secure a Bungie (sold separately)


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is there a way I can carry two 8" boards somehow with this racks? not sure if it is possible to attach two, one on each side, maybe not super safe though
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    One of our customers said he did something similar with our single-mount rack shown here, but using 2 shortboards. 

    However, I'm not sure how well it would work if it would be used with an SUP or Longboard on each side.
    Safety might become an issue with surrounding traffic, and the ability to maneuver effectively.  He was on an island where people drive slow, but said it was fine for the shortboards he was using at the time, as well as the short distance being traveled. 

    Best bet would be to check with your local laws and regulations surrounding this.

  • Will this mount on a zuma 50fx - the one with a single headlight . As well as the F double headlight. I actually have both versions.
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    In order to properly transport an SUP board via motorbike it is recommended that you have both a front and rear luggage rack on the bike of choice.  Having a front and rear luggage rack will help spread out the attachment points to these larger watercraft, providing a more stable and safer solution to and from your adventure destination. 

    Since the options for luggage racks can vary between the years of every make and model it's hard to give a direct answer beyond the above statement.   If you send some photos over to we'd be happy to help you out further though!

  • I want something like this to carry a tall beach chair. Once you have the mount on your seat post can you easily remove and reconnect the hooks so they are only on when needed. I don't want to have to remove the seat post connector each time.

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    The hooks that are used as carriers on this rack easily remove with a simple pushpin locking mechanism.  So when you're ready to use the rack for storage the hooks simply slide in and lock within seconds, and just as easily removed when not in use.    When the hooks are uninstalled there is very little hanging off the bike.  There will be no need to install/remove the seat post connector each time. 

  • I have a 2001 Honda rx650r and a 6’3” short board and a 9’4”long board will this rack fit my bike and carry both boards? Should I get this rack over the single mount back luggage rack?

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    This Surfboard/SUP Moped Rack has the capacity to hold both shortboards & longboards, and also includes an option to hold SUPs.  Because that longboard is 9'4" I'd recommend going with this over the single-mount version as it spreads the weight of the board out, and makes it more stable while riding.  


    If you're not planning on transporting a SUP board we have a more cost-friendly solution of this same rack - Just the Shortboard/Longboard version (without the SUP attachment)


    As for transporting both boards at the same time, we can't recommend it, as it wasn't really designed for this.


    Hope this helps!  Let us know if you have any other questions!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Romain Screve

These racks fit two shortboards perfectly. They seem strong and secure, let's see how they do after 1000 miles in Baja!

Ryan Kelly

Rack is unreal! Extremely easy to set up and keeps the board secure at 70 mph with no worries. At first I was hesitant on whether my board was going to become a sail for the bike but after putting it to the test I trust it completely. Thanks guys, I’m more than satisfied with my purchase!


Super stoked with my new surf rack !!!
It’s really well made , lightweight and solid .
I installed the bars front and back because it’s much more stable and solid like that for long journeys or strong winds .
The extra changeable sup bars are great
I use the small normal u bars when I have just my board and when I’m traveling with the wife I just change out the back u bar to the bigger sup one and it fits 2 boards easy (without fins).
Thanks so much for a great product

Shane M.

Hey just letting you know the rack arrived today- can't believe how quick it arrived!!!
Super happy with it- cheers!!!!

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