Woody Surf Rack

Sale price$449.00
Hand-Made in America
  • Hand-Selected Red Oak Hardwood
  • Holds Boards up to 10'
  • Freestanding—No Drilling Needed
  • Bungee Locks Boards into Place
  • Provides Surfboard-Rail Protection
  • Holds 5 or 7 Boards with Fins
  • Added Organization with Wrapping Leash around Dowel
  • Hand-Picked Wood Base

Size (H" x W" x D"): 5 Board (42"x34"x24")


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does the locking bungee make it secure? We will store them outside on the patio. Will it be fairly weather proof?

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    The locking bungee is meant to add another layer of protection from the boards falling out of the rack.  That being said best practice is to store the boards properly in the rack, so they are not resting on the bungee.  We've used our own personal boards with it on the patio for years with no problems.  

    As for use in the outdoors, it would be fine, but as it's a sanded wood finish you'd want to put some type of outdoor sealant (easily found at Lowe's or Home Depot) over the wood to protect it from harboring moisture & bacteria.   This will ensure the rack will last for many seasons to come.  If you'd rather not go through the process of applying a sealant we have the Finished Foamy version which has a Gloss Mohogany outdoor sealant already applied.  This rack is ready to go in the outdoors!

  • I have two 10 1/2 foot paddle boards will vertical foamy work with these boards?

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    That rack might be just a bit undersized for those boards, as it's meant for surfboards not Stand Up Paddleboards.    Our SUP version of the Foamy or Grassy rack will be better suited for this situation.    It's a very similar design just meant for larger & heavier boards.  The rack is taller, has higher structural integrity, and greater width for the bigger fins of SUP boards.  These racks hold 3 boards (instead of the 5 or 7 of the standard racks.)    We could also do something custom if you'd prefer.  Feel free to email us any other questions at info@epicsurfracks.com  or Call Us Directly at 888-964-6646

  • Hi is it possible to dismantle the rack?

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    Yes, this rack usually ships flat-packed, with a simple assembly process that includes color-coded stickers.   So it makes it easy if you need to ever disassemble and move at a later point.

  • Looking at the 5 board so the height of the rack is 42 and the depth is 24 ? Its going in the garage and want to make sure I can still get the car in. So it will stick out from the wall 24 inches? thanks

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    Yes, the furthest from the wall it comes out is 24".    

    However, if you have wider boards (retro fishes / longboards) the boards themselves may come out past this 24" point.  Please measure accordingly (+4" over your board width for enough wiggle room.)

  • Will this rack hold longer stand up paddle boards? I have a couple of 12' boards, would they be too tall for this? Is the rack weatherproof for outdoor use?

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    This rack isn't meant for SUP boards, just surfboards.  We have an SUP version which would accommodate those larger boards you have (It is bigger, and has better structural reinforcement.)  The rack can be found HERE.

    As for weather sealing, it is not.  It is a sanded wood finish, ready for sealant yourself or we could do it for you as a custom order. If interested please email us at: info@epicsurfracks.com

  • What is the width for each partition? If I keep my boards in board bags, will each slot hold 1 board in bag?

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    The workable space in each slot of this rack is just over 4.5".  We've seen people store boards in their bags with no problems. 

    However, it also could be a little tight, as it will come down to how thick each of your boards are, and how thick the board bags are.

    If they're on the thicker side 3"+ we coud aways do a custom rack for a little more, so you'll have plenty of wiggle room.  

  • What is the spacing in between the dowels on the 7 board vertical rack? Some of my boards are thinner than others so wondering if I may be able to fit two in one slot. thanks in advance.

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    The 'workable' space between dowels on the 7 board rack (also the same for the 5 board version) is just under 4.5".

    Some people have been able to squeeze 2 (thin) boards into each slot, but could be tight.  There are a lot of variables in terms of where the rocker is placed, and how the deck of the board has been shaped.  For general consideration I wouldn't recommend it, as a tight fight will cause pressure on the boards (potentially decreasing the longevity of the board's glass job.)  

    We could however make something custom for you, with wider dowel spacing so that 2 boards can comfortably fit into each slot, though this will increase the price for the unit itself, and potentially the shipping cost.  If you'd like to explore options for this you can fill out our custom order request form here.

  • I see the measurements for the 7 board rack are 42x46x24. Curious to know if the rack is 42" or 46" wide. So I can figure out where I can fit one against the wall. Thanks!

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    The size for the 7-board vertical freestanding rack is:

    • 42" High
    • 46" Wide
    • 24" Deep

    The size for the 5-board freestanding rack is:

    • 42" High
    • 34" Wide
    • 24" Deep
  • Hi there -- 3 questions!

    I want the 7 board rack in natural wood.

    1) I have a tight space - just 47 inches. The measurement says 46 inches which is perfect. I just want to make sure that the 46" is from end to end so that it will fit in my spot.

    2) Does the natural wood have a finish or not? If not, can I order a clear finish? Is that recommended or not?

    3) I am away from my house until August 28 and want the rack to arrive around then. I can pre-order and you can hold shipment or you can tell me what day to place the order. What is best?

    Many thanks, David

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    1.  Yes the 46" measurement (on the 7-board version) is the end to end spacing.  So you should be good if you have 47" of availble space.  Though please take into consideration the fin size of your boards, as sometimes the fins "hang over" outside of this alotted 46" spacing.  If it's really tight you can also store the boards nose-to-tail to help.  


    2.  The natural wood (sanded wood) does not have a sealant (or finish).  It is ready to directly apply a clear coat yourself, or we can do a custom sealant for $199 more (this is unfortunately not availble on our website yet, so you'll need to call us at 888-964-6646 if you'd like to move forward with this upgrade.)  You can also order this with a darker natural finish (and included high-gloss clear-coat) directly here: https://www.epicsurfracks.com/Finished-Foamy-5-7-surfboard-rack

    As for recommendation:  the finish on these racks is high gloss, and outdoor friendly - so if you're planning on using the surf rack outdoors it is absolutely recommended.   Otherwise it's not required.   A benefit of a wood finish is that it somewhat helps with the overall longevity of the wood product, and also helps with general upkeep (by preventing dust from being "absorbed" into the porous areas of the wood grain - which can happen on any unfinished wood product.)  The latter doesn't make a huge difference, but can definitely be noticeable, depending on where the rack is stored, and how dusty the location is.    


    3.  We'd be happy to coordinate a delayed shipping time, so that the product arrives when you're around.  You can place the order directly via our site, and enter the date in which you'll arrive (preferably the window of time in which you'll be at that location), in the "add comments" section of the checkout process.  Let us know if you have any questions at all with this, as we're available Monday thru Friday at 888-964-6646.  

  • Hi, Will this 5 board rack fit 5 SUP surf boards? All under 9 feet and max thickness is 4 inches. Thanks!

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    Though it may seem to fit, we don't recommend it, as the width of the SUP doesn't allow the board to be stored correctly.  The ergonomics of this rack were not designed to hold SUP.

    We recommend using the 3-Board Foamy - SUP version instead.

    You can also email us at info@epicsurfracks.com and we can modify this rack to suit your needs.


  • Are your prices in US$ or AUD$

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    All of our prices are in US $ Dollars.

  • Does the woody surf rack come assembled and/or what does it require to be assembled?

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    When we ship this rack it comes flat-packed.  It has a simple assembly, broken down into 6 steps, with color coded stickers.  It should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to put together.  All that is needed is a Phillips-head screwdriver. A drill is suggested, but not needed.

    If the rack is purchased and picked up using the 'Local Pickup' option used at checkout then the rack will come fully assembled.

  • Can you make one of these for 8 boards?

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    Yes we can.  It would be a custom build, but can easily do it for you.  Please email info@epicsurfracks.com for details.

  • How do fishes and other wider boards fit into the freestanding racks? Also if I live in San Diego can I come pick up the rack? thanks Ben

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    Wider boards such as Fishes / Mini-Simmons fit well in the rack.

    Since swallow tail/fish boards are pointed we recommend getting a rack with a padded base (foamy or grassy version) This helps protect the longevity of the glass job, especially in these delicate areas.


    As for local-pickup not a problem.  You simply select 'Local-Pickup' during the checkout process, to avoid any shipping costs, and we¹ll be in touch as soon as it¹s ready for pickup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Epic surf racks are awesome! High quality, solid, does the job with no complaints. If you are looking for a high quality surf rack, there really is nothing else like it.

Erik H.

Great company. Superb customer service. Quality product. I will order again!

Ralph N.

Well put together - sturdy and easily assembled. Would buy again.


Needed a clean set of 7-board wood racks for the Boardroom Show in Del Mar to safely accommodate some "iconoclast" guns vertically. I was temped to make 'em myself to save a buck, but really glad I didn't, since these were super clean and well designed with nicely milled wood. Owner called me direct personally to make sure address was correct and informed me that they were providing the racks for the shape-off at the show. Great job, very satisfied. I expect they will assemble as good as they look. And now I will have more room to store boards at home too!

Jeff P

Stoked on the craftsmanship!! The wife is happy that all the boards are organized and off the floor too! Thank you!

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