E-Bike Board Rack | Shortboard - Longboard - SUP

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  • Single-Mount used for Shortboards
  • Dual-Mount used for Longboards & SUP Boards
  • Soft Rubber Protects Your Board
  • Has Holes to Secure a Bungie (sold separately)
  • Easily Remove Arms with Quick-Release Feature
  • SUP arms also include arms for regular surfboards/longboards
  • Immediately find parking next time you go to your spot.
  • Description Below for Lots More Info on Mount Types

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Add arms for holding SUP or 2x Shortboards?:

  • Single-Mount used for Shortboards
  • Dual-Mount used for Longboards & SUP Boards
  • Soft Rubber Protects Your Board
  • Has Holes to Secure a Bungie (sold separately)
  • Easily Remove Arms with Quick-Release Feature
  • SUP arms also include arms for regular surfboards/longboards
  • Immediately find parking next time you go to your spot.
  • Description Below for Lots More Info on Mount Types


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Would the longboard rack fit easily on a RadRover 6 plus bike? If yes, anything you would recommend to secure it?
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    After taking a brief look at that model I think you will be good to go with the included mounting hardware that comes with the longboard version.  

    The longboard version actually includes 3 separate mount options to choose from, which helps in a variety of bike geometries and mount points.

  • Will this rack work on my Rad Rover Step-thru Ebike?
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    There appears to be a variety of RadRover Step-Thru bikes that are on the market.  For most (if not all that I can see) the longboard version of this surf rack will have the requisite hardware for safely mounting to these high quality e-bikes.  

    There is 3 included mount options with this surf rack, to maximize compatibility.

  • Will this fit a Rad Expand 5 (Rad Power Bike)?
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    Both the shorboard (single-mount) as well as the longboard (dual-mount) versions of these racks should mount up seamlessly to the RadExpand 5 electric bike, made by Rad Power Bikes. 

    Also, if you were planning on just mounting to the rear of the bike (if the rear luggage rack is attached) the Surfboard Moped Rack | Dual-Mount | Holds Longboards would also work.

  • Hi, was thinking about purchasing. Will this attach to a RadMini Electric Fat Bike Version 4 and be able to hold boards up to 9'6? Thanks
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    For this board & bike combination the Longboard version of this surfboard rack is recommended.  It should seamlessly bolt up depending on your particular setup of the RadMini 4.  However, it's recommended that you use the luggage rack offered by Rad Power Bikes.  It looks to be called the RadMini Rear Rack, but check with a Rad Power Bikes representative to confirm fitting for your particular bike. 

    The rear luggage rack will allow you to spread the surf rack out as much as possible across the bike (from front to rear.) This provides the greatest level of stability for that 9+ Foot long board.

  • What setup do I need for a longboard and a KBO breeze bike? I have one srep thru bike and one stepover and want a rack for each.
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    For both the Step-Thru and Step-Over versions of the KBO Breeze electric bike transporting a longboard the U-Bolt & Frame Mount+ version of our E-Bike rack would be my go to: Longboards & SUP (U-Bolt & Frame Mount+)

  • Which mount do I need for a SUP and a 2018 RadCity Step-Through?
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    If the front frame bolts (where a front basket would bolt up to) are available I'd go with the E-Bike Board Rack | Longboards & SUP (U-Bolt & Frame Mount+)

    As an aside, if you are just trying to commute with shortboards you could simply go with the Shortboard Mount. 

  • what longboard racks will work on a Himiway Cruiser step through?
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    If you're just trying to carry Shortboards or a Fish to the beach then the Shortboard Mount should work out for you.  It simply bolts up to the seat. 

    If you're trying to carry bigger boards: fun shapes, longboards, or an SUP then go with the Longboard (U-Bolt/Frame Mount) for that bike.

  • Will this work for a electric bike company model R?
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    Yes, it will.¬† However, which mount option you need is based on what boards you plan on transporting & whether you have front and/or rear luggage racks installed.¬† We have a simple guide to helping determine which mount option is best for you just under the "Description" area ūüôā

  • Hey there, I would love to purchase a surf rack for my Pedal Electric Core E bike. I'm wondering which rack will fit my bike? Thanks!
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    To be honest that appears to be a tricky bike to mount up to.  I'd contact a professional bike mechanic, as a custom solution for mount-points might be needed.

  • For the Radrunner 2 for carrying a longboard you recommend the mount that attaches to the front frame post and rear of the bike. Does the front frame mount attach to frame with the two screws that the bike comes with for a front cargo basket? The only disadvantage using this method is I couldn‚Äôt get a rear or front basket on the bike. I saw one picture with two mounts under the back rack. But I get it that there would be more stability with one on the front and one on the back.
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    You’d want the U-Bolt / Frame Mount version If you do not have the front luggage rack installed, as it will be utilizing those mount points up front.  For the rear it will be at the seat post. As for the existing screws those will be replaced with the ones that this surf rack comes with. 

    If you plan on getting a front basket/luggage rack then the Dual-C clamp version should be your go-to, which you can bolt directly up to (just double check if the luggage rack can hold the weight of your surfboard + any additional resistance such as while stopping suddently, wind, etc.)

    As an aside, there is additional diagrams under the "description" area just below the add to cart button. This has more info related to each mount type, and making sure you find the perfect one for your specific bike and needs ūü§ôūüŹľ

  • With these racks can you peddle the bike or are you forced to use the throttle on the e-bike? It was hard to tell if there was enough clearance between the board and the peddles.
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    All these racks allow for peddling as well, so you should be good to go al natural, or go-go gadget ūüėČūü§ôūüŹĹ

  • Which rack system would be best for a Radrunner 2 e-bike for a short and long board?
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    Either mount longboard mount system would work but for the most stability I’d go with the U-Bolt and Frame mount:

  • I have the dirodi plus bike I want to purchase the correct surfboard rack for me and my sons short surf boards Mine is 6,1 His is 5,2 Which rack is best for me to order to suit two short boards .. ?? Much appreciated..
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    If you're just carrying shortboards then the version with the Dual-Clamp mounts would probably be easiest to bolt up to the Dirodi Plus (under the seat and/or directly to the rear luggage rack.)

    As for carrying 2 boards you'd want to get the additional SUP arms as well.
    Click here to see those options selected:

  • I have a Dirodi Rover, what set up would be best to use to carry mostly a longboard, occasionally a SUP.
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    If you have the Step-Over model of the DiroDi Rover Retro bike then the U-bolt & Frame Mount version  should work out well for both a single longboard as well as an SUP.  

    If you have the Step-Through model of this bike, then you'll need to attach a front luggage rack, and go with the Dual-C Clamp version . 

    The key is spreading the rack out as much across the front & rear of the bike.¬† This provides the greatest stability....and possibly even the greatest levels of stoke ūüėú ūü§ôūüŹĹ

  • I'm unsure if I should get the U-BOLT & FRAME MOUNT+ or DUAL C-CLAMP MOUNTS. I have a Trek Electra Vale! Go model from about 2 years ago. Pictures below. What would recommend for 6'5 board and an 8' foam (not at the same time)?
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    After reviewing that bike's specs, taking those boards into consideration:   I'm thinking you could technically go with either of the 3-mount types we offer.  
    The Shortboard (Single Mount) would be the easiest/cleanest install, and should work for an 8' foamie.  I have this same rack, and sometimes transport an 8' Wavestorm, and it's just stable enough. 
    Otherwise, you could go with the Dual-C on that back luggage "rack", or go with the U-bolt Frame mount, mounting up to the front head tube, and seat post. The U-bolt version will provide the greatest stability as it will spread the mount points across the bike. 
    Personally, I think the Dual-C clamp version spread out across the rear luggage would look the cleanest on that bike, and will provide a bit more stability than the Single mount I initially mentioned, but you should be good with whichever version you select. 

  • Can you recommend what Short Board surf rack we should purchase for a RadExpand 5 Electric Folding Bike?
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    The easiest solution for the Rad Expand 5 for transporting shortboards would be the shortboard version of our e-bike rack.  It simply mounts to the seat post and can easily be removed via it's quick-release system, for when it comes time to fold up the bike for storage or transportation.  

    The rack can be found here: https://epicsurfracks.com/collections/bike-mopeds-motorcycle/products/e-bike-surfboard-rack-shortboard-longboard-sup

  • Which rack would work on a trek powerfly e-mountain bike?
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    The easiest and most streamlined version to install on the Trek Powerfly e-bike would be the Single-mount - Vertical Tube Rack.

  • Is this surf rack compatible with The Super73 Z Miami? If so, which of the 3 options should I choose?
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    There are two surf rack mount options that are compatible with the Super 73 Z Miami.  Deciding which is best for your needs will come down to how you want to mount the surf rack up to the bike.  

    Option 1: Longboards & SUP (U-Bolt & Frame Mount+)

    Option 2: Longboards & SUP (Dual C-Clamp Mounts)

    Further information on how these can mount up to your bike (with pictures as examples) check under the "Description" area on either of those links.   There should even be some pictures of other Super 73 e-bikes in that section as well,  to help give you a better idea on which option to go with.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • HI, there! I just bought Radwagon 4 Cargo Bike. I want to purchase this rack to haul a longboard (9'6" fiberglass). Which one should I get? Thanks!
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    For a longboard (or even SUP) the best way to mount up to that Radwagon e-bike would be with the Longboards & SUP (U-Bolt & Frame Mount+) version.  This will allow you to keep the rear cargo rack free for other utility, and also provide greater stability for that longer board, by spacing the mount-points more to the front and rear of the bike. 

    If you have a basket mounted up front, or just want to mount the surf rack directly to that rear cargo area, then the Longboards & SUP (Dual C-Clamp Mounts) is going to be the ticket to glory; Surf quality permitting ;-)

  • I have the Hurley Mini Swell, will this work for that ?
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    The Longboards & SUP (Dual C-Clamp Mounts) version should work with the Hurley Mini-Swell.

  • Hi, I have a Hurley mini swell Electric bike I am trying to find a surfboard rack for the bike. Ie. so that I can use my bike to transport my surfboard to the beach. I wanted to see whether you have a surfboard rack that would fit this bike? Or if you know where I could find one? Any help appreciated Thanks Sam
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    For that Hurley e-bike model I would go with our E-Bike Surfboard Rack | Longboards & SUP (Dual C-Clamp Mounts)
    This rack will accommodate most surfboards if setup under the seat, and will be the most stable/secure solution.

    If you were planning on going with larger longboards (10'+) or even stand up paddleboards I suggest spreading the mount points to the front and rear of the bike as much as possible.  In this case it looks like your only option here would be the (U-Bolt & Frame Mount+) version.

  • Will the sup rack and other mount work on a Lectric XP 3.0?
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    The Single-Mount version should work seamlessly with the Lectric XP 3.0, bolted  onto the seatpost.  However, this rack is recommended for surfboards, not SUP. 

    The Dual-Mount (both versions: C-Clamp & U-Bolt/Frame) have adequate places to mount on the Lectric XP 3.0, and should theoretically work with both the surfboard arms that come standard, and optional SUP arms, depending how you mount on the bike.  

    The issue you may run into with this model bike is the bike's low center of gravity, and the size of the intended board.  More specific, this low center of gravity coupled with SUP boards will result in the bottom of the board to be very close to the ground.  There might not be a lot of room for turning/leaning while riding, and might even be unsafe, if not mounted correctly.  This really comes down to the size/shape of the board intended to transport. 

    One suggestion if you plan to mount  stand up paddleboards, or any larger board is to lay the board next to the bike and measure to where your intended mount points would be, and see how much ground clearance you would have when mounted. 

    The surf racks are pretty customizable, but the bike still might be too low to the ground.  In this case I recommend getting the optional luggage racks that Lectric makes, which should provide a higher mount-point off the ground, and hopefully give adequate clearance.

  • Hi, I have Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus e-bike. I am looking for a surfboard rack for board between 5'5" to 8' Can you please advise which rack would be best suited? Thanks
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    That's a very common e-bike that our customers have.  

    If you are planning on holding only boards up to 8' I would personally just mount it with the Longboards & SUP (Dual-C Clamp mounts) version.  Mounting both to mount points below the rear seat posts.  There are some pictures of that model being used on a RadRunner Plus under the "Description" area here: https://epicsurfracks.com/products/e-bike-surfboard-rack-shortboard-longboard-sup?variant=41158972604621

    If you are planning on using a larger longboard I would recommend mounting to the front and back of the bike using the front mount points available on that bike (using the U-bolts, and the rear seat post):

    As a rule of thumb: The larger the board the better it would be to mount the surf rack with the greatest distance between the front and rear of the bike, to provide optimal stability.

  • Will the longboard rack fit on an Aventon Aventure eBike?
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    Honestly, I don't think it will seamlessly mount up the Longboard version without either an additional luggage rack or some slight modification.   

    However, the Shorboard version should work with no issues.

Customer Reviews

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Simmon Koch
Well made

Received the racks...these are well made and seem like pretty high quality!

Mark Umphreyville
Epic racks- Awesome Wing Foil gear transport at it’s finest!

Thanks Epic surf racks- purchased the larger SUP attachments and I can get all my Wing foil gear on the E bike for transport and not have to worry about finding parking or paying daily fees for a vehicle!
Thanks Epic ūüėé

Zachary Wood
Excellent Rack System

Excellent racks! Variable mounting options, and the quick arm disconnect works well when you don't need the racks...great customer service as well.

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